Exploring the green spaces right on the doorstep of our future homes in Westfeld

by | Nov 27, 2022

Yet again the weather gods beamed down on our merry group of 15 which yesterday joined Doris and Dorothea’s latest Verein walk. Fittingly, this last ‘Wanderung’ before the Big Move was an exploration of the many green spaces dotted around our new homes in Westfeld. Beginning with a walk through Kannenfeld Park, we continued a short distance through very stylish neighbourhoods until we reached the Parc des Carrières.

This nature park is a courageous joint project by authorities and private individuals in France and Switzerland to re-purpose some 11 hectares (>27 acres) of gravel-pit land straddling the border. With phases 1 & 2 now complete, the park was officially opened earlier this month. More quarry areas will be absorbed as gravel deposits become exhausted in the coming years.

By the time we completed our walk, most of the early morning mist had cleared, making way for some sunshine as we ended up in Café Noir in the new Felix Platter-Spital.