About us


We are a non-profit co-housing association for international people aged 50+. Founded in 2017 by long-term residents who are moving into retirement, we are dedicated to retaining the richness of life in a connected community.

We believe that our lives are improved by places that bring people together, and have been inspired by co-housing developments across the world.

We joined the building cooperative wohnen&mehr in March 2019 and will rent ~20 apartments and a common room in Westfeld, a new multicultural, multigenerational, community-oriented neighborhood that wohnen&mehr is developing in the Iselin Quartier in Basel. Occupancy is currently planned for December 2022.

For more detail, check out our Annual Report 2021 here.


Our members

  • We come from 6 countries.
  • We are multilingual.
  • We come from the public sector and the private sector, from NGOs, IT, finance, traditional and alternative therapies, communications and the arts
  • Some of us are working and some
    are retired
  • We all volunteer our time

Our Organization


  • Nancy Gelman (President)
  • Ingrid Sanford (Treasurer)
  • Claude Sanford (Secretary)
  • Andrew Craven
  • Beatrice Alder


  • Communications
  • Common Room
  • Documentation and Legal
  • Housing
  • Members Only Website

Committee Members and other Volunteers

  • Beatrice Alder
  • Bernd Rinn
  • Brigitte Hänngi
  • Charlotte Sitte
  • David Staehelin
  • Doris Vogt
  • Dorothea Eich
  • Katherina Kapp
  • Lisa von Gierke
  • Markus Spinatsch
  • Marne Platt
  • Mike Golub
  • Monique Spinatsch
  • Petra Arida
  • Vivian Beetle
  • Christoph Nikolaus
  • Renate Hauser

Andrew Craven

British, married with 2 children. A long-term resident here and now a citizen. Most of my professional life has been dedicated to explaining technical concepts to audiences without a technical background. I believe that initiatives such as Wohnen+ Basel give better options to people keen to enjoy the same fulfillment and richness in life in their senior years as in their younger days.

Nancy Gelman

Married with 2 children. Swiss and American national, living in Switzerland since 1998. I worked in the pharmaceutical industry in Basel and am now retired. I am excited about the potential of Wohnen+ Basel to provide housing that will enable older adults to remain active, engaged and independent within an international, multi-generational environment.

Claude Sanford

Married with 3 children. American national living in Switzerland since 1996. Served 8 years in the United States Army with one tour in Vietnam, left with the rank of Major. For the next 38 years I pursued a career in computer systems, working in the banking, insurance and educational industries. I worked mainly in the United States and in the United Kingdom up until 1996 when my family and I moved to Switzerland where I continued my computer systems career.

Ingrid Sanford

Married with 3 children. Swiss and American national, living in Switzerland since 1996. Worked 15 years in the United States in various industries as a trainer, technical writer and project manager and the last 20+ years has been focused on finance, project and portfolio management in the pharma industry in Basel.

Both Ingrid and Claude are inspired by the vision of Wohnen+ Basel. Working together to help create a community where older adults in the second half of life can easily stay active and engaged in society and avoid isolation.