We are a non-profit co-housing association for people with an international outlook aged 50+

Upcoming Events

  • SCHIFFS APÉRO – 26 August 2022
    A casual monthly get-together for the Wohnen+ Basel Community starting at 18:00.  Location:  Tibits on Meret Oppenheim-Platz (Bahnhofeingang Gundeldingen).
    Family and friends, meet at 10:30 at the Universitätsspital tram stop, just a short walk from the Marktplatz. Go to Events to get more information about this historic walk.

Our flats

As we age, many of us face becoming isolated in a home that’s too large and expensive to maintain. Imagine instead, living in an eco-friendly community with like-minded neighbours. Our 22 new flats range from 2 to 3.5 Zimmer. To find out more about the location, cost and availability of our flats

About Co-housing

Our community provides all that’s rich about day-to-day life. Your home is large enough for your comfort and connected enough to allow community interactions. We have our privacy, but we are not isolated. To learn what co-housing means to us.

News & Events

Getting to know each other is an important part of building our community. Organized events for both members and friends happen about once a month. When the weather is fine, we take walks in the Basel region. Other W+ B events include musical recitals, Apéros, museum visits and workshops. For our latest news and events.