We believe that our lives are enriched by places that bring people together.

Co-housing helps us plan for a sustainable future

Community design balances public and private life

Connecting with neighbors is easy

For many, work provides both social interaction and a sense of purpose. Leaving work can bring profound changes. How do we address this, along with all of the other changes that come with age?

We identified three core components:

Community, Autonomy and Sustainability.

Community : Design for Connection

We decided early on that the design of our new home should promote connection by providing opportunities for planned and unplanned contact.

Autonomy : Balance Public and Private

Residents choose their own balance of privacy and level of neighbourly engagement, cultivating a culture of sharing, caring, and a commitment to all.

Sustainability : Plan for the Future

We believe that it is essential to live in a more sustainable manner. Our new home is designed to meet the needs of an aging population, and to reduce our carbon footprint.

“Let us face it, there is no planet B.”

Emmanuel Macron, President of France in his April 2018 speech to the U.S. Congress