Central to the work of Age-Stiftung is the belief that good housing, in all its aspects, is essential in easing the difficulties of growing older. The foundation promotes housing and related care facilities for ageing people, as well as financial contributions for projects that demonstrate innovation and flexibility in meeting changing social and environmental needs.

Following a review of plans presented by Wohnen+ Basel, in 2019 Age Stiftung awarded our Verein a grant totalling CHF 270,000. The officers and members of W+ B are proud and grateful for this contribution to our work of providing new living solutions for older adults in Basel.


Westfeld is a new multi-generational, mixed-use neighborhood in the Iselin Quartier in Basel, developed by the non-profit housing cooperative wohnen&mehr.

We believe that Westfeld offers us a great opportunity to realize our vision in a lively, eco-friendly neighborhood.

We will be located in the converted Felix Platter-Spital. For details on available apartments.

The 35’000 square meter site will include rental apartments, stores, cafes and space for neighborhood use.

Looking down the “main street” or Boulevard from the Burgfelderstrasse entrance. New Felix Platter Spital on the right, pavilions in the middle, new housing on the left and our building at the back.
At street level: New housing on the left (public space on the ground floor), pavilions on the right and our building at the back.
The central plaza.
Lobby of the former Felix Platter-Spital.
Facing the south entrance to the former Felix Platter-Spital. Public space on the ground floor, housing, including the W+B community, above.
The rooftop terrace in the former Felix Platter-Spital.